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Nursing New Year Resolution

Nursing New Year Resolutions

 “FOR LAST YEAR’S WORDS BELONG TO LAST YEAR’S LANGUAGE AND NEXT YEAR’S WORDS AWAIT ANOTHER VOICE. AND TO MAKE AN END IS TO MAKE A BEGINNING.”                                                 ― T.S. Eliot The joy of a new year lasts only till we have holidays and we make many RESOLUTIONS for the year. But we all tend to fall […]

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Life After Stroke

Stroke continues to be a leading cause of acquired disability, especially among older people, and can have a major effect on independent living. Stroke is one of the leading causes of death and disability in India. The estimated adjusted prevalence rate of stroke range, 84-262/100,000 in rural and 334-424/100,000 in urban areas. The incidence rate […]

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pain management

Pain Management – Concept for a Global Best Practice

Pain Management:- The concept of pain and its management was not at all a priority till the recent past. Pain was just a part of some pathological conditions or trauma. But after the development of medicine and research evidences pain is no more a less important aspect. The new concept is to consider pain as […]

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Communication In Nursing

Well, we all know that Nurses are not just “ Nurses”, doing their routine nursing procedures like dressing,  administering medications, giving bed bath, performing venepuncture but  they have multiple roles  such as counselor, teacher, advocate, translator and many more. They have to communicate with everyone whom so ever they deal with in relation with patients. […]

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inscol academy

INSCOL Academy – Helping Nurses Go Global

Healthcare domain experienced revolution many times through advance technological and pharma co-therapeutic inventions. But for first time the healthcare experienced a revolution in patient care, only when the nurses started to take an active role in patient treatment and management. The widening scope of nursing practices and the rising trend among nurses for opting higher […]

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