Mentorship – A Global Best Practice

Nursing is an art and science, both of which is learned, acquired from the classrooms and practiced at clinical settings. Most of nurses would agree with me that they have learnt more ‘the art of nursing’ from clinical experience than typical classroom teaching. It is the real-time clinical experience with a senior staff which has […]

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Integration of Nursing Theories Into Practice

Nursing Science is an identifiable discrete body of knowledge comprising paradigms, frameworks and theories. The integration of nursing theories into practice demonstrates an evolutionary pathway for introducing a paradigm shift in the essence of the science of nursing. Patient safety and quality initiatives as well as magnet status continue to mandate that nurses practice from […]

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Challenges in roadmap to effective management and leadership in Nursing

Challenges in Roadmap to Effective Management and Leadership in Nursing

Who is a Leader? A Leader is a person who can influence followers or people in an excellent way  so that they work willingly  towards the attainment of a goal (Weihrich & Koontz, 2005). Like any other career, nurse professionals are also expected to assume leadership roles within the health care system. Every moment in […]

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ICNP - International Classification of Nursing Practices

ICNP- The International Classification of Nursing Practices

While taking a glance at the whole history of medical care and interventions we could make out that everything started from the primitive stage and improved with trial and error methods and outstanding Research & Development. But what happened to the nursing field that always went hand in hand with medicine?  Still in old school […]

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Diabetes: A Nursing Analysis

Ms. Rita is a 15 year old female. She is a known case of poor control of sugar level since one month without regular medication. When patient was admitted to hospital her random blood sugar =300mg/dl. She had no history of vomiting, breathlessness, altered sensorium or bowel trouble. She had a history of weight loss. […]

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