Diabetes: A Nursing Analysis

Ms. Rita is a 15 year old female. She is a known case of poor control of sugar level since one month without regular medication. When patient was admitted to hospital her random blood sugar =300mg/dl. She had no history of vomiting, breathlessness, altered sensorium or bowel trouble. She had a history of weight loss. […]

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Foreign Nursing Education

Foreign Nursing Graduates – 5 keys of success

A study conducted in US to determine about nurses attitude and perception about returning to school for higher education has found out four societal factors which influence in making nursing education important: firstly many nurses are still practicing with an Associate’s degree or diploma and few continue their formal education; secondly several recent studies have […]

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Reinvigorate to life with Therapeutic Hypothermia

Successful resuscitation and therapeutic hypothermia determines the best clinical outcome after a cardiac arrest. Therapeutic hypothermia is not limited to cardiac arrest but its been used extensively in patients with stroke, traumatic brain injuries, during cardiac catheterization surgeries and neonatal resuscitations. Hypothermia increases the chances of good neurological outcome. American Heart Association’s chain of survival […]

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Nurses - No More Hand Shake

Nurses – no more handshakes

As Nurses we offer handshakes to meet patient’s expectations and to develop a rapport with them. In developing countries such as India, shaking hands has become common, especially in the large cities among nurses and other health care workers dealing with patients.1, 2 Ritualistic touching plays a crucial role in many cultures. Though handshakes give […]

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Telehealth Nursing in India is a Global Best Practice

As Indian population is growing rapidly and it has become the second highest in the world, there is a huge need to have more healthcare facilities. Most of the hospitals require more number of nurses and doctors who can treat patients quickly and efficiently. To fulfill this need, technology has provided a boon called as […]

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